Welcome to the Newcomer Center website!  Our program serves high school students who have recently arrived to the United States and are new to the English language.   By providing our students with personalized instruction, it is our goal that they experience success when they return to their home schools.   Our students generally stay with us for 1 or 2 years, depending on their individual needs.   We provide a full schedule for all students, regardless of language background or when they enter the program.   Classes include a double block of English and math, social studies, PE/health, and reading instruction. 

While academics are at the core of the Newcomer experience, we feel that education doesn’t stop at the end of the school day.   By working together with Adult Education, our teachers and staff meet with families in their homes and help connect them with other community organizations and evening classes.   Our after school programs help provide students with cultural connections to what they are learning during the day.   Many of our students participate in home school extra-curricular sports and clubs.  Finally, to reduce the digital divide, we work with our technology department to loan needy families computers.

Most importantly, we see our Newcomer students and families as bringing a wealth of experiences and diversity to our school and community.   Every day our dedicated staff helps our students navigate through a new system so they can experience academic success and make a successful transition.

We will continue to add information, links, and resources to our website on an ongoing basis.  For additional information and questions, please contact me directly, Janice Aponte, at 847-718-7836.